Singer & Songwriter Lu Romero Gets Real About Why Waiting for the “Right Time” Can Be Too Late

“For me, I was using that as an excuse not to move forward, when really the reason was fear.”

Every now and again you meet someone who you instantly know is a good person. When I first met Lucinda Romero, an independent singer and songwriter based in Phoenix, Arizona, I knew right away that she was one of the good ones.

A combination of talent and beauty both inside and out, it was her personality, energy, attitude, and outlook on life that made me realize she had a positive message that could benefit others. (And yes, this girl can SANG!)

I recently caught up with Lu Romero that’s her professional name for a live chat on my Homegirl Talk webcast to discuss the ups and downs of pursuing your dreams, how getting your mindset right is essential, and why waiting for the “right time” or “perfect moment” can easily prevent you from reaching your goals.

As she says, “I think most people play it safe because there are lot of unknowns when you decide to forge a path for yourself. But you have to forget fear and decide, ‘I’m just going to go for this!'”

Breaking into the music industry, let alone making a living from it, is tough. What’s your advice for those thinking of pursuing a career in music?

I really used to view it as this big hair audacious quest. In fact, early 2018 I can remember having very anxious moments because I felt like I was facing this giant — the music industry!

As I’ve journeyed on this pursuit to share my voice and message through music, I focus less on some man-made construct that confines, categorizes and sometimes (not always) pimps artists out.

My encouragement to any woman or man is to focus on perfecting your own unique sound and message. Cut the noise and find your own voice and sound outside of any current trends. Be the lead, be your own manager, be your own creative director!

At the end of the day it is your voice and your art and this is what will resonate with all who experience your art.

In our Homegirl Talk webcast, we discussed how waiting for the “right time” or “perfect moment” can sometimes be about fear, not about getting it right.

This was something I had to face. This isn’t true for everyone, but for me, I was using it as an excuse not to move forward when really the root of why I didn’t feel ‘ready’ was because I was allowing fear to win.

I was allowing fear to cripple me from making that first step. If you don’t just do the thing, you won’t have the information you need to grow. Being open and taking action is what’s going to guide you.

When you’re on a journey and it’s uncharted territory, that’s where faith really has to come in. Whatever your faith might be, have faith that you’re gonna get through it.

Lucinda Romero Monarch Strength

You go by the name Monarch Strength on your social media channels. What does it mean?

A monarch is a sovereign head of state, a queen. The name to me serves as a reminder that I have been crowned reigning queen over the life that I have been gifted with. The name Monarch Strength reminds me that I possess the strength and the power to lead an extraordinary life.

I hope to call the queens and kings within all who hear my music to rise up and lead over their lives and goals with poise, strength and a still power.

Who are some of the musical artists that inspire your sound?

I am currently obsessed with H.E.R., 6lack, Tiana Major9 and PJ Morton to name only a few. I think what I love most about all of these artists is that they didn’t allow anyone — including the industry — to dictate and control their art. By staying focused on perfecting their own unique sound they’ve each created a path for themselves. That path is the best path!

Homegirl Talk is all about celebrating women who want to positively impact the world in ways both big and small. Who are some of the inspiring women you admire?

One of the first women that comes to mind is Misty Copeland. Misty defied the limited box the world of ballet attempted to confine her in.

She persevered and made history for women of color in ballet as the first African-American woman to become a principal dancer for the prestigious American Dance Theatre.

Her perseverance and journey to unbreakable confidence inspires me a great deal to continue on my path and lead the way for others to break their own imaginary walls down.

Lu Romero singer songwriter

What lesson have you learned or which piece of advice have you received that you think can help someone else in their own journey?

I have learned that one of the single most important aspects of living a phenomenal life and creating one’s art is mindset.

Keeping your inner thoughts and emotions working with you in achieving your goals will later be the fuel you need when external situations become rough. As an artist, be not swayed by anything outside of you. Be inspired, but never copy!

What’s the overall message you want to give people with your music?

That art can be created by anything and everything we encounter in this life. There is joy in the pain and laughter through the tears.

Keep up with Lu Romero’s inspirational posts and performances on her Monarch Strength Instagram account.

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Written by Mar Yvette

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