Mar Yvette

What is a Homegirl?

A homegirl is a woman who keeps it real. She’s authentic, outspoken and opinionated yet she keeps an open mind. She speaks her truth and encourages others to do the same. She is a flawed and fabulous work in progress and she’s not ashamed to be so. She often comes from humble beginnings and wants to lift up those around her. She values her relationships above all else and she is fiercely loyal to those she loves.

What is Homegirl Talk?

Created by host and lifestyle writer Mar Yvette, HOMEGIRL TALK is a place where women can connect by sharing our stories, struggles and successes.

HOMEGIRL TALK is about diversity, inclusivity and visibility for women from all walks of life.

That means YOU.

If you have something to say or promote, please add your story to this site so that we can learn from your experiences and spread the word.

You can use this website for free to promote anything good for women, to share your personal struggles or to celebrate your endeavors and successes.

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Here’s to #KeepingItReal 🙂