Come to this page when we are broadcasting live!

We broadcast to 7 different destinations simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

It’s too hard for us to monitor all of the comments coming in on the social sites, so please watch us from here and use our own chat. It’s stuck over there on the side. This is the only chat we will be watching!

If you want to be on a show that is in progress, you can request an invite in our chat, and if we have time we can shoot you a link to join us. Just make sure you have good internet, the Chrome browser, webcam, headphones and a mic. Using your phone with earbuds is usually fine.

If you’re planning ahead and have something to say or promote then contact us and we can try to include you in an upcoming broadcast.

Better still, go ahead and add your story to this website so we have something to talk about!

It costs nothing to publish your content on Homegirl Talk and if you come on the show then we can embed the recorded video on your article page!