These Three Female Hollywood Executives Say Don’t Quit Your Side Hustle!

The founders of Face Haus facial bar say getting into business with your BFFs could change your life for the better

Face Haus founders + BFFs Jen Worley, Dawn Olmstead and Karey Brooke

What happens when three BFFS who are also high-powered Hollywood executives get together and decide that they want an affordable facial? They stop complaining and they start creating their own facial empire: Face Haus.

The brainchild of Karey Brooke, Executive Vice President of Programming & Development at Freeform; Dawn Olmstead, Co-President of Universal Cable Productions and Wilshire Studios; and Jen Worley, an executive, author and former Vice President of Creative Affairs at Radar Pictures, Face Haus is a facial bar that offers affordable skincare “for the people.”

Along with $65 facials (FYI, I recently got one and it was an hour-long treatment that included extractions, so it’s definitely not a rinky-dink experience), Face Haus offers a sleek, inviting environment, soothing modern music and high-end skincare brands that are actually good for you like Eminence Organics and Hylunia vegan and holistic skincare. It’s also a great option for teenagers and those who might be intimidated by spas that require you to change out of your clothes and spend a significant amount of time and money.

The interior of Face Haus in Santa Monica
The interior of Face Haus in Santa Monica

I talked to the self-described “three bottled blondes” about the pros and cons of getting into business with your BFFs, the power of women helping women and why, even if you have an insanely successful career, you should never quit your side hustle.

Our conversation went a little something like this…

Mar: Now ladies, you were just telling me that Face Haus is your side hustle. You are already successful by all accounts and yet we’re talking about the importance of having a side hustle. 

Karey: And we’re best friends!

Mar: And you’re BFFs! Why did you create Face Haus?

Dawn: This is our third location and we are in the midst of opening ten! One is in Studio City and the other one is in West Hollywood.

Karey: Number four will be down in USC Village.

Mar: So the whole idea is what? For women, for young women to…

Dawn: So everybody can afford facials. Facials for the people! For the price of a mani-pedi, you get a very high-end facial and fun atmosphere that isn’t dark and sleepy and in the backroom. It has a vibrant atmosphere, great playlist…

Mar: And is it fast, so people who are short on time can enjoy?

Both: Yes, it’s fast.

Dawn: It’s great quality but

Karey: But it’s in and out. Most people don’t have the time and the money to spend on the modern facial. It’s very expensive.

Mar: Hundreds of dollars!

Dawn: Yeah, and it doesn’t need to be. We use all the same products as high-end places. We have Eminence Organics, Skinceuticals, Dr. Lancer… but we make it affordable.

Karey: Also for men, young men.

Dawn: We have another founder, our other best friend. Jen. She’s walking around right now, she’s working!

Mar: Give us some quick advice as successful women. What would you say to the ladies out there who are maybe struggling in their confidence or finances or not having enough time because they’re raising children?

Karey: Here’s what I would say: If you have a great idea, don’t let anybody talk you out of pursuing it. Even though this was not our field, but we’re experts at getting facials and experts in taking care of our own skin.

Dawn: And experts in getting things done.

Mar: Women get things done!

Karey: I was a single mom when we put this thing together. Both of my [business] partners had been single moms with blended families. We’re all very optimistic people. We believe that we ourselves can make our own destiny, and we just looked at each other and said, ‘If we don’t do this idea someone else is going to do it. So we gotta do it!’

Mar: How long did it take you to make it happen? How long was the process?

Dawn: Not long.

Karey: Not long. It was less than a year from the day that we came up with the idea to when we opened up our first shop.

Dawn: The other thing I would say is: Partner with good people, people that you trust. And then make rules that you will never break that trust with them. And no matter what happens, you will always have each other’s backs.

Karey: And your friendship is the most important part of the business.

Dawn: Yes, your friendship is the most important part. Everything should be equal at all times with all voices, no matter what the circumstances. Always be looking out to make sure everybody feels that they’re equal. And that really takes good friendship, so be careful of who you get into business with because it could go wrong. But when it goes right, it goes really right.

Face Haus founders + BFFs Karey Brooke, Dawn Olmstead and Jen Worley

Mar: There’s a saying–don’t mix business with friendship because it might ruin it.

Dawn: It’s the opposite! Because with friends you have trust.

Karey: The friendship kept us going. We had each other’s backs. When one of us was down, somebody else would pick up the slack.

Mar: Hi Jen! We were just talking about the importance of partnering with good friends and making sure you surround yourself with those you can trust and sharing your strength.

Dawn: And celebrating the other person’s strength. Everybody brings something different to the table, so allow them to bring that to the table and celebrate that and lean on that.

Jen: Yes, it’s about women supporting women. We’re not in competition with each other. We work together and we’re surrounded by women with great ideas.

Mar: I think we’re finally getting that. We’ve often been positioned to look at another woman, size her up and compare her to yourself and that’s how we determine value. But it’s not about catfights and women competing with each other.

Karey: It’s about lifting each other up.

Dawn: And what Karey said earlier… a lot of people will tell you don’t do this or is that really a good idea or have you thought it through?

Jen: Yes, I remember it well.

Karey: Just believe in yourselves.

Dawn: We kept believing. I believed that if Karey thought it was a good idea and Jen thought it was a good idea then I believed the three of us more than all the naysayers!

Book your appointment at any of the Face Haus locations and get ready to pamper your face!

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Written by Mar Yvette

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