Product Review: Can This Little Device Actually Get Rid of Your Period Pain Without Any Drugs?

I ditched the Advil and tried the Livia menstrual pain device … here is my honest review

Mar Yvette trying the Livia device

Oh, periods. That not-so wonderful time of the month when our faces break out in zits, our stomachs bloat to no end and we get to endure seemingly endless cramps. Like many of you, once the pain gets too much to handle, I reach straight for the Advil. But this month, as it turned out, I received the Livia device in the mail just in time to try it. Could this be the new drug-free way to relieve my cramps? I was excited (and a little skeptical) to give it a chance.

What is Livia?

Livia is an FDA-approved treatment that uses electromagnetic pulses to distract your nerves from feeling the pain. I was told that clinical studies prove it works, but I didn’t want to take other people’s word for it–I wanted to try it for myself.

In order to for something to become habit for me, it needs to be easy. I don’t like dealing with all sorts of steps whether it’s a recipe, a skincare routine or whatever. Once I opened up the box, I got a little nervous and thought it was going to be too much trouble. But it really isn’t.

Once you open the Livia package, this is what you’ll find:

Livia device and accessories
The kit comes with the Livia device itself, a Tiffany-esque teal-colored square with a rubbery silicone feel. There’s also a white plastic case for storing it. Unfortunately, you have to charge the device for 12 hours (!!!) before you can use it the first time, so I ended up taking a couple Advil that day. (FYI, after that initial 12-hour charge, you can charge the device in a little more than an hour.)

The next day, which happened to be the second day of my period, the device was fully charged and I was ready to give it a try. The instructions are very simple, although after reading through the entire pamphlet I was kind of scared because it offered such warnings as ‘Do not use on neck as it might cause closure of airways.’ OMG! No worries, though. Just use it as directed and you’re fine.

Livia comes with these feminine flower-shaped gel pads that you can use over and over again:

Livia flower gel pads
The gel pads are what help transmit the pulses from the device to your pelvis or lower back. I used them on my pelvis area because that’s where I experience the most discomfort.

Simply hold down the middle power button to turn on the device.

Once the device is turned on, you can adjust the surge level. I couldn’t feel anything at the original setting, so I increased the level a few times until I could actually feel a tingling and pulsing sensation. It didn’t hurt at all and although the instructions say you can keep the device on while going about your regular business, I just took it easy and relaxed. I put on the pads and used the device twice that day for about 30 minutes each time.

This is what the Livia device looks like while wearing it:

My product test on the Livia device

See that smile on my face? It’s no lie. I didn’t need to take any Advil that day and that’s saying something! I always feel the most pain on the first and second day of my period and comparing the first day (using Advil) and the second day (using only the Livia device), I can honestly say that Livia works just as well!!!

I now have a drug-free option to relieving period pain and I hope you give it a try. It’s an investment at about $160, but seriously, after all these years buying ibuprofen, I think it’s fair to say it’s a good deal. I got mine for free in order to review it, but as I told the publicist, if I didn’t like Livia, I would have to be honest and not recommend it. Here’s the link on Amazon to buy Livia.

Turning on the Livia device

One more reason to give Livia a try? It was recently selected as a 2018 Thomas Edison Award Finalist, which honors persistence, inventiveness, innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy. I really do think this device could be a game-changer, so I’ll be trying it again next month and let you know if anything changes.

If you end up trying it, please contact me here on the site and let me know what your experience has been!

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Written by Mar Yvette

Mar Yvette is an on-air host, lifestyle expert, writer and editor with 10+ years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognized media companies.