All-Natural Vegan Beauty Products Created by Women

We all want to be natural beauties but sometimes it’s not so easy to do. Finding natural beauty products that are free from harsh chemicals and dubious ingredients can be a challenge.

So why go au naturel? Well, that’s easy. Research now shows that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. If you’re slathering chemical products on your body and face day after day, that stuff builds up in your system.

Thankfully, there are women who have taken this matter into their own hands to create natural, vegan beauty products that don’t sacrifice function.

In fact, in 2018 Dr. Milagros Hernandez became the first medical doctor to launch an organic, all-natural line of CBD beauty products in order to help diminish our exposure to chemicals, which can result in cancer.

Take a look at more all-natural beauty lines created by women that will help you live a healthier, more beautiful life.

#1 Bogavia Hair & Skin Care Products

Created by NYC-based Italian chef and holistic health coach Alison Marie Ragusa, Bogavia is a plant-powered hair and skincare line that beautifully blends high-end and all-natural ingredients with real results. You can pronounce and recognize every single ingredient of every product, whether it's the luscious body butters (a heady swirl of tangerine and vanilla fragrances) and oils or the rejuvenating hair mask made with Dead Sea mud, organic aloe vera leaf juice and mineral water. The way Ragusa describes it, she wanted to create "an all-natural organic version of Kiehl's that men and women could enjoy" without worrying about chemicals. Mission accomplished!

#2 Aila Natural Nail Products

There's nothing like the feeling of a fresh mani. Unfortunately, most nail polishes and nail polish removers are loaded with chemicals, which can be especially frustrating for people with skin sensitivities and allergies. Thankfully, Aila is here to the rescue! This incredible brand was created by Dr. Cary Gannon, a podiatrist from Nashville who had a cancer scare and realized she needed nail products that were functional yet free from as many harmful chemicals and toxins as possible. We love the wide selection of nail polishes and we honestly can't say enough about the nail polish remover, which feels and smells like a luxurious body oil. As Gannon says: "We want our products to make you feel beautiful, and we want them to work. At the end of the day, our goal is to empower and equip women everywhere who are committed to their overall wellness: inside and out." 

#3 Skin Owl Beauty

After years of struggling with cystic acne, SkinOwl founder Annie Tevelin decided to create a skincare line that would naturally heal her acne and help other women facing the same issues. Based out of Los Angeles and made with 100% vegan and natural ingredients, SkinOwl products range from body oils and beauty bars (turmeric, charcoal or matcha) to an organic potpourri of "beauty steam" and travel kits like the Essential Acne Kit with lavender drops, maui berry drops and a maqui berry beauty whip. As Tevelin says, "SkinOwl's sole mission is to educate you about your skin and deliver the best products, so that skin 'care' can be the catalyst to caring about every genuinely important facet of your life."

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Written by Mar Yvette

Mar Yvette is an on-air host, lifestyle expert, writer and editor with 10+ years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognized media companies.