Natural Deodorants That Actually Work Without Harmful Chemicals

Reconsider your daily deodorant routine with these brands that will keep you fresh and free from toxins

If you spray or swipe antiperspirant under your arms, you might not realize that almost all the mainstream brands out there are loaded with chemicals. And since our skin is our body’s largest organ and absorbs whatever we put on it, you might want to reconsider your daily armpit routine.

While deodorants just cover the smell of the stink-inducing bacteria in your armpits with fragrance and perfumes, antiperspirants actually plug your sweat ducts so you don’t sweat at all. This is done with an aluminum-based compound, and some research has suggested that these aluminum compounds can cause real health risks.

But don’t just take my word for it. Do your own research. After all, reading the labels of your deodorant is just as important as reading the ingredient list of the food you buy. (Take a look at this Time magazine on the 5 Things Wrong with Your Deodorant to get you started.)

I said goodbye to antiperspirants a long time ago, so I’ve had many years of trying natural deodorants. Yes, getting sweaty armpits is annoying AF, but I’d much rather deal with that than slathering unpronounceable ingredients on my body.

Here are some natural deodorants I personally use and that actually work. Do you have any natural deodorants you love? Let me know and I’ll check them out!

#1 Blissoma Scentless Stick

I love this stuff and it lasts for months even though I use it every day. Made with baking soda, mango butter and five natural odor-preventing powders, Blissoma’s natural deodorant stick is the best deodorant I’ve ever used when it comes to eliminating underarm smell.The texture is clay-like and smooth, which can get a little cakey once I start sweating. It does keep me dry for a little while, but sometimes I’ll end up patting my underarms dry with a tissue. That said, there’s never any smell! It’s truly unscented. It also goes on white and sometimes leaves a bit of residue on my blouses, so I just wash it off with a little soap and water before I do laundry. Despite these issues, I've yet to find something I like more. It's about $16 but it lasts a long time and you can get it on Amazon. Just be warned it often sells out!

#2 Weleda Deodorant Spray

This spray deodorant from Weleda is another favorite of mine. I used it every day before I started using the Blissoma stick and I still sometimes switch it up when I don’t feel like having something cakey under my arms. Other than being made with natural essential oils and biodynamically grown ingredients (think of it as “organic plus”), the good thing about Weleda spray deodorants is that they come in different scents--wild rose is my fave, followed by citrus; sage is the most masculine fragrance. These sprays feel refreshing on the skin but don’t really mask odor all day long--you need to reapply a couple times a day. Also, because they’re made with alcohol, be careful if you just shaved your underarms--it might sting a little.

#3 EO Organic Deodorant Spray

EO stands for Essential Oils but it could also stand for Everyday Organics. This spray deodorant from EO is a much more affordable alternative to the Weleda spray (at $7, it’s about half the cost) and it works just as well, if not better. The nozzle offers a generous spray and the scents-- made with essential oils, of course--are totally natural and smell so good. The lavender is lovely, the citrus is great for summer and vetiver is more of a manly aroma. EO smells and works way better than Burt’s Bees spray deodorant and has longer staying power to mask BO.

#4 Crystal Essence Roll-On

I’m not a fan of wet pits, so using a roll-on deodorant has never appealed to me. However, this mineral roll-on from Crystal Essence is the best one I’ve come across so far. This company also makes that famous crystal deodorant rock you’ve probably seen a thousand times, but it did nothing for me. While this roll-on isn’t something I use daily, I do keep the Lavender & White Tea version in my medicine cabinet and use it when I want something lightly fragranced after a bedtime shower or if I’m just taking it easy for the day. The good thing about the Crystal Essence roll-on is that it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave any white residue.

#5 Lemon

It might seem crazy, but this is the most natural, one-ingredient-only deodorant that comes straight from Mother Nature! There was a time when I actually applied straight-up lemon to my armpits on a regular basis and I swear my underarms never smelled better. The downside was that I became too lazy to cut up lemon pieces, rub them on my arm pits and then wait for my skin to dry. In reality, my underarms never really dried, they just got sort of sticky and that was a deal breaker. Plus, I always wondered if the acid in the lemon would eventually give me a rash. Oh well, maybe I’ll pick it up again. After all, when life hands you lemons … make deodorant 😉

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Written by Mar Yvette

Mar Yvette is an on-air host, lifestyle expert, writer and editor with 10+ years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognized media companies.