Best Products for 2021: More Than 50 Must-Haves You’ll Love Year Round

From health and wellness to beauty, fashion, books, pets, and even items for kids, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

Best products for 2021

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! We all know what a painful year 2020 was, and most of us couldn’t wait to say goodbye to it. As we usher in a new year, we know that 2021 has the capacity to be fantastic. Part of that means taking care of ourselves and helping others in the process.

With that in mind, Homegirl Talk has put together a range of the best products (and services) for 2021 that you’ll want to use all year long. From health and wellness to beauty, fashion, books, pets, and even items for kids, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

Even better, most products on the list are from small indie companies. You can support small businesses so you’ll feel better in more ways than one!

Health and Wellness: Best Products for 2021

From a personal fitness coach and health-boosting beverages to a can’t-live-without-it yoga travel towel and natural anti-anxiety supplements, here are some of the best health and wellness products (and services) you’ll want to use all year long.

Keith Jordan Costantino

Vegan grilled veggies

If you’re looking for a virtual fitness coach who will help you reach your goals (and have fun while you’re doing it), you have to check out Keith Jordan Costantino. He offers approachable workouts as well as training in boxing and running. Whether you want to train for a marathon or are just starting out, Keith can help provide insightful tips, motivation, and healthy cooking recipes.

Here’s Keith’s amazing soy-ginger glaze recipe that you can add to your favorite stir-fry:

Mix together 1 cup honey, 3/4 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup minced garlic, 1/2 cup peeled and grated fresh ginger root. Whisk together and boom! An instant pick-me-up for just about any dish.

Propel Immune Support

Propel Water’s newest beverage is Propel Immune Support. At a time when all of us are hyper-aware of staying well and seeking products with functional ingredients, Propel offers those with active lifestyles a way to replace electrolytes lost in sweat. The new beverage also supports a healthy immune system with 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C per bottle as well as zinc.

Sugarbear Vegan Gummies

From Vanessa Hudgens to Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes, celebrities can’t get enough of Sugarbear vegan gummies a good night’s sleep. (These gummies also have the #1 vitamin repurchase rate according to Numerator.) They make a fun self-care gift idea for friends and jet-setters, helping people sync up with the current timezone so they don’t miss a beat. (It’ll also be perfect once we’re all more comfortable about flying.)

Adrenaline Shoc

Adrenaline Shoc (A SHOC) is a clean fitness-enhancing energy drink created to inspire people to live active, healthy lifestyles by offering a natural, smart energy blend to maximize the day. Unlike a lot of other energy drinks, A SHOC contains ingredients from natural sources, chosen purposefully to work with your body and not against it. Fans include incredible athletes like Billy Kemper (pro surfer), Joe Andrews (fitness trainer), Ryan Tremaine Klarenbach (stunt performer), Ana Depalma (pro golfer), and Steel Lafferty (pro wakeboarder).


Best products for 2021: nomadix yoga towels

Nomadix is a high-performance yoga towel, beach towel, and travel towel all-in-one. Designed to be versatile without sacrificing performance, Nomadix helps you own less and do more. Made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, these towels are durable, lightweight, and buttery soft. They pack down small for easy travel so you can take them on any adventure. They are sand-resistant (!!!), quick-drying, and super absorbent.

SMPLSTC Tinctures

SMPLSTC‘s celebrity-loved CBD tinctures are infused with unique flavors like blood orange, mint, lavender, and honey. Each blend is sustainably sourced, pesticide-free, carefully extracted, and independently lab tested for purity. These full-spectrum CBD blends are available in Sleep, Calm, or Energy formulas.

Anxiety Aid

Anxiety Aid is a two-ounce, all-natural shot that will help relieve anxiety when it strikes. It’s travel-safe and fits easily in your purse or jacket pocket for when you need it. The proprietary blend of natural ingredients like chamomile, GABA, magnesium, 5-HTP, lavender, Alpha GPC, and others combine to give you some peace of mind when you need it most. Just drink, breathe, and relax.

Indigo Marine Collagen

Indigo Marine Collagen mixes with everything easily without any taste – water, coffee, juice perfect for on the go travel. The company prides itself on a commitment to sustainability, clean, 1 simple ingredient, faster absorption, and a transparent supply chain, derived from non-GMO wild-caught fish.  Very helpful in revitalizing your skin, hair, nails, and bones!

Beauty Must-Haves: Best Products for 2021

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, beauty isn’t just for one season. Take a look at these items that are sure to become your year-round favorites.

Miage Luxury Skincare

Miage skincare

Míage is the first luxury skincare line to blend isotonic nutrient delivery, human stem cell science, and micro-molecule formulas. It’s also the first skincare line to entirely forgo water and bring into play the effectiveness of isotonic La Milpa cactus juice and micro-molecule nutrient formulas. This works in osmosis with your skin to heal, nourish, and pamper your skin.

It’s a unique skin care system that’s effortless, non-invasive, and inexpensive!

We love their new lip treatment product, Bloom La Milpa, which does so much more than hydrate your lips – it’s a healing treatment, too. This is the perfect way to not just protect your lips from harsh weather but perfect them year-round, as the hydrating waterless solution delivers lovely soft lips.

Isa Lazo

Bring the spa to your home with all-natural genderless skincare brand Isa Lazo. The luxury collection of cruelty-free formulas includes a facial oil, body oil, toner, and body scrub and is a staple of models such as Ashley Graham, Milla Jovovich, Diane Kruger, and Chloë Sevigny as well as actors Hugh Jackman and Sterling K. Brown.


Oxygenetix has an amazing lightweight line of moisturizers and foundations. Originally formulated for use by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Oxygenating Foundation and Hydro-Matrix (both available in options for acne-prone skin) have become a breathable revolution promoting beautiful, healthy skin around the world. Touted by renowned professional makeup artists such as Patrick Ta and celebrities from Margot Robbie to Kourtney Kardashian, this is the ultimate gift for those looking to achieve long-lasting luminosity and coverage, while also treating various skin concerns.

T3 Twirl Ceramic Curling Iron

The T3 Twirl Ceramic 1.25” Curling Iron is a wonderful new product. Its smart microchip monitors and adjusts power to minimize heat fluctuations, ensuring quick styling and optimal results. Using

Ceramic Heater Technology, this amazing beauty item evenly distributes heat across barrel for one-pass styling. The CeraGloss Ceramic Barrel glides smoothly for a frizz-free finish, and has 5 Digital Heat Settings to provide the optimum heat level for every hair type and texture.

Ralph Lauren Fragrance

In 1978, Ralph Lauren expanded his lifestyle brand to encompass the world of fragrance, launching Lauren for women and Polo for men. For more than 40 years since, Ralph Lauren Fragrances has developed best-selling fragrances that express a distinct personality and lifestyle in line with the Ralph Lauren tradition.

Overt Skincare

Gift a loved one while giving back with Overt Skincare, a different kind of skincare company that’s transforming the industry through transparency, efficacy, and charity. The brand’s collection features all five of their essential serums made using sustainably sourced, effective and proven ingredients to produce world-class, gender-neutral products. By giving back 10% of their net profit to fight slavery and human trafficking, Overt plans to not only change the industry but the world.

RE: ERTH Skincare

Give the gift of “mochi skin” with the calming and nourishing effects of RE:ERTH. This miniature collection of four minimal steps gently pampers skin for a lit-from-within look. Rooting itself in patented nature-derived ingredients, Japanese wellness principles, and science-backed technology, RE:ERTH (an abbreviation of “Re-encountering Earth”) offers a straightforward and time-saving approach to effortlessly healthy, mochi skin. Featuring the Clarifying Cleanser, Multi-Targeted Elixir, Calming Toner, and Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, give the gift of mindful beauty with this limited edition holiday-themed Mini Starter Kit.

Foster’s Lab Anti-Tech Serum

The new Anti-Tech Serum created by Foster’s Lab protects the skin from aging due to blue light technology. Cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson believes when it comes to blue light exposure, consumers should be concerned about the damage it can do to the skin. What’s unique about the Anti-Tech Serum is that it also contains cacao seed extract (a potent antioxidant) and biphenyl azepanyl methanone (a new skincare molecule) that fight against stress-induced collagen loss.

Even if your holiday travels don’t take you to the Caribbean (where Aethera sources their rich, non-toxic tropical concentrates from ingredients like acerola cherry, guava fruit extract, and more), you can easily take your favorite skincare with you with their Mini Travel Trio. Nourish, comfort, and naturally illuminate skin with a travel-friendly sampling of skincare featuring active botanical concentrates and soothing cannabis sativa seed oil.

Take My Face Off Makeup Removers

Known for their reusable, super-soft makeup removing Mittys, Take My Face Off creates products that are much better for the environment than single-use products like makeup wipes and cotton balls. They take off every trace of makeup, are way cuter than a gross old washcloth, and can even be used on eyelash extensions!

Auntie Dolores Hand Sanitizer

Ensure you stay germ-free without drying out your hands by using Auntie Dolores’ new Hand Sanitizer. It features germ-defying ethyl alcohol, soothing, organic, full-spectrum hemp oil, moisture-rich organic MCT coconut oil and a pleasant light citrus mint scent. What’s best, is the combination of lemon and mint oils also eliminates the harsh aromas associated with many other hand sanitizers.

PAYOT Skincare

No doubt 2020 was the year of skyrocketing screen time—and skin-aging blue light exposure. Blue light, emitted by your computer or smartphone, is believed to disrupt skin functioning and speed up skin aging. But there’s good news. PAYOT Paris’s Blue Techni Liss collection shields skin from blue light and repairs any damage that’s been done to date. Included is Blue Techni Liss Jour Day Cream for fine lines and wrinkles, Eye Gel, and Peeling Mask.

Dear Self Skincare

dear self skincare

Dear Self Skincare is an amazing brand started by two sisters in Southern California, one a professional surfer who is also a well-known vegan influencer, and the other a computer engineer. This is a natural, cruelty-free, vegan skincare designed for people with sensitive skin. Their moisturizer is new and a top seller (I am Gleaming for $35).

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

Take some much-needed “me time” with the ultra-cute Bubbly Belle bath bombs that have fun names like Red Apple, Pumpkin Spice, and Turkey Time. These homemade bath bombs use only natural ingredients and each one contains a surprise premium ring inside!

Patchology Masks

If you are in need of self-pampering, check out Patchology has you covered. (Literally. There’s everything from face sheet masks to eye gels, hand masks, and foot and heel masks.) The popular brand’s Best in Snow, a lovely moisturizing kit, great for rejuvenating chapped hands and feet.

Skin Research Labs Brow-Enhancing Serum

Skin Research Labs has a lovely gift set featuring their neuBROW brow enhancing serum®. Your brows will feel the love. Coupled with an elegant sequin bag and a beautiful Sheer Fashion Mask.

For The Fashionista: Best Products for 2021

Even if you’re not socializing in person as much as you’d like to at the moment, that doesn’t mean you don’t still have a passion for fashion. Here are some of the best products for 2021 that will help you stay fashionable and comfortable.

Olivia Dar Bracelet

Best products for 2021: olivia dar bracelet

Olivia Dar’s best-selling heart earring motif is now a puffy heart bracelet! The heart is composed of lurex metallic thread and backed with soft suede with a gold-stamped logo tag. The intricacy of this piece is incredible and Olivia’s dedication to detail is felt in each creation. The bracelet features an adjustable pull-tie closure with gold lurex threaded tassels. Lovingly hand-made in Olivia Dar’s studio in India.

Renee Greenstein Denim Stretch Pants

QVC Fashion designer Renee Greenstein makes fantastic stretch denim pants that are comfortable and sexy to wear. The shape-enhancing tummy control waistband gives you a smoothing, flawless look, perfect for any party you are going to!

Be Brilliant Bags

be brilliant clutch

Be Brilliant Bags is a luxury handbag company that designs handbags with a purpose. With your purchase, you are fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs with 10% of each sale supporting initiatives to help women succeed in business. By funding scholarships, in partnership with the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Be Brilliant Foundation, they are contributing to the growth of others.

Underthings by 3 Wishes

Celebrate this year with a bang in a two-piece sexy lingerie set that includes a red satin bra with pink marabou trim, and a matching thong with pink marabou trim, from – the online retailer for all things sexy. Their Satin and Marabou Set is sure to get anyone’s attention and perfect for the sexy night in or facetime call with that special someone.

Spa Dress

The Spa Dress® is a slip-on towel with less wardrobe malfunction than a traditional towel, changing the way we use and wear towels. Doesn’t fall when you need a towel to stay up, reducing public displays of ’towel dropping syndrome’ found prevalent at spas, health clubs, and in particular, hotels opening doors to room service. Stretchy top provides light support.

Best Products For the Book Lover

Best products for 2021: Books

Even if you’re not hopping on a plane anytime soon, you can still escape to another world with a good book.

Candace Havens Books

Besides being a fantastic television journalist, Candace Havens is a wonderful novelist as well, writing over 25 books! For some spine-tingling fun, check out the murder mystery, “A Case for the Toymaker.” Her upcoming book, “A Case for the Candlemaker” is coming in the spring. The books are available digitally and in print.

Affirmed: 365 Positive Thoughts and Actions to Start Your Day

Cheryl Polote-Williamson, an award-winning author, producer, activist, has a wonderful book out: “Affirmed: 365 Positive Thoughts and Actions to Start Your Day.” She has a movie coming out this spring too!

The Women I Think About at Night

Simon & Schuster recently published the international sensation “The Women I Think About at Night,” by Mia Kankimäki for the first time in English. Originally published in Finland, the book swept through 16 countries – including China, Denmark, France, Germany, and Russia – to fantastic acclaim and commercial success. The book was named a “New Book to Read” by Fortune Magazine, and was included in Go World Travel Magazine’s “The Best Books for Travel Lovers.”

Jonathan Cainer’s Astrology Charts

In these ever-changing times, it’s nice to get some astrology assistance to guide one’s way. That’s why I love getting Jonathan Cainer’s astrology charts and recordings. You can sign up for his special five-star service, which gives you insightful advice that is so accurate! His year ahead chart is a great gift for anyone be it for a birthday, get well wish, or any occasion.

Best Products For the Foodie and Drinker

Best products for 2021: food and drink

Dining and drinking are among life’s greatest joys. Get ready to bring more joy to your life (and for loved ones) with these snacks and sips that are among the best products for 2021.

Baked in Color

Baked in Color is a wonderful rainbow and custom colored dessert that spreads joy nationwide. You can receive a fresh sample of treats – like their homemade Giant Brookie Squares (Brownie + Oreo + Chocolate Chip Cookie), mini cookies, and more – delivered right to your door!

Organic Mixology Liqueur

For something unique to drink check out, Organic Mixology (OM) Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Liqueur in a new 375 ml bottle. Co-founded by celebrated mixology consultant and cocktail book author Natalie Bovis, OM liqueurs are USDA-certified organic, low sugar, and low-alcohol.

Bokksu Subscription Box

Bokksu is a fantastic Japanese snack subscription box filled with limited edition and hard to find artisanal treats. You can wander the streets of Tokyo without leaving your house and experience Japan through these snacks.

Art Beyond the Glass

The pro-bono project: Art Beyond the Glass (ABTG), is the Los Angeles-based nonprofit that showcases bartender artistry at special events across the U.S., The organization recently put together the Bartender Holiday Gift Guide, which features handmade gifts and services offered by bartenders, many of whom have lost their primary source of income due to the pandemic.

Breakfast From Nature’s Path

Always certified organic and Non-GMO Project-verified, Nature’s Path now offers well-balanced, nutrient-dense breakfast options with an array of granolas, cereals, oatmeal, and more.

The company recently launched its delicious Superfood Granolas and Oatmeal cups, full of functional ingredients designed to contribute to optimal health, improve endurance, boost stamina, and sharpen mental focus. The new line includes two granolas (Golden Turmeric Superfood Granola and Smoothie Bowl Superfood Granola) and two convenient, ready-to-eat oatmeal cups (Golden Turmeric Superfood Oatmeal and Cacao Superfood Oatmeal).

Simple Goodness Cocktail Syrups

The Simple Goodness Sisters are two first-generation female farmers who left the corporate world to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. After receiving repeated requests for their secret cocktail recipes, the sisters decided to bottle their talents in a line of specialty cocktail syrups.

The syrups feature herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers grown on their unique cocktail farm with flavor profiles that are distinctly Pacific Northwest. They use their farm roots to source hyper-local ingredients from their farm friends and neighbors. As their businesses grow they hope to inspire others to grow and mix garden to glass cocktails in their own gardens and kitchens.

Safe Catch Elite Pure Wild Tuna

Safe Catch’s Elite Pure Wild Tuna has the lowest mercury of any brand and is non-GMO, certified Paleo, Whole 30 approved, and the official tuna of the American Pregnancy Association. Thanks to its proprietary technology, the company can test each and every fish’s mercury levels prior to purchase. They have also mixed their best-selling Elite tuna with 6 premium spice blends to create a flavorful, one-of-a-kind tuna, with no precook processing. Great for an on-the-go boost of vital omega-3s and protein.

Artingstall’s Brilliant London Dry Gin

The new cocktail set from Artingstall’s Brilliant London Dry Gin is the perfect gift for fixing classic martinis with a touch of elegance to bring a little bit of glamour back after all we’ve been through last year. Creator Hollywood director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, A Simple Favor) put together this limited-edition kit for friends, family, and other VIPs, available exclusively on ReserveBar.

Dirt Kitchen Snacks

Dirt Kitchen Snacks are brand plant-based snacks that have made veggies snackable, craveable, and portable by air-drying real veggies – like green beans, zucchini, peppers, carrots, and tomatoes.

Seedible Sesame Seed Butter

Seedible is an easily spreadable sesame seed butter is completely disrupting its category by being a delicious nut-butter alternative and solving everyone’s tahini problems with its sweetly salty flavor!

Sofia Wines

A tribute to Francis Ford Coppola’s only daughter, Sofia Wines are delicious, refreshing and fun. Her bubbly bottles, minis, and her newest product – a custom candle – will become this holiday season’s must-have party accessories. Try the Blanc de Blancs or Brut Rose in a mini can form.

Belden Barns Wines

Perched atop Sonoma Mountain, Belden Barns celebrates the totality of farmstead agriculture with a surprising range of exceptional, cool-climate estate bottlings for such a boutique property.  In addition to delicious, terroir-driven wines, they rely on resident farmers Vince and Jenny Trotter for their sustainably grown estate fruit and produce.

Tastings normally take place in a charming old barn – a throwback to an earlier time in Sonoma County farm life – or outside under the “wishing tree” with beautiful vineyard vistas. Note: Visitors should check in advance regarding current Covid closure status.  Belden Barns was recently voted one of USA Today’s Top Ten Winery Tours.

Stash Tea

Here’s hoping someone will be serving you Stash tea and breakfast in bed this morning. Check out the brand’s quick and easy comforting recipes to help you bring out the teas’ rich flavors, engage all your senses, and surprise your taste buds. Stash’s Elderflower Citrus is a favorite white tea, thanks to tart floral notes from elderflower blossom and bright yuzu.

Weed Cellars Prosecco

Weed Cellars Prosecco is available everywhere, and no, there’s no THC or CBD or cannabis of any sort. It’s a 92-point rated wine and retail for only $12.99, or $3.99 for the minis. It’s an irreverent name, great price and the liquid inside will keep you coming back for more. For your upcoming celebrations, the wine can be paired with oysters, creamy seafood dishes, citrusy salads, Indian and Asian entrees, yogurt parfaits and olive oil biscotti. Just ask for it at your local wine shop or supermarket.

Foundry Vineyards Wine

Foundry Vineyards is dedicated to the creation of finely-crafted low intervention wines that express the unique terroir of their vineyard. Each hand-crafted wine is overseen and the grapes are rigorously selected from the best lots. The award-winning wines produced are created with a combination of estate-grown fruit from the Walla Walla Valley and thoughtfully sourced small-lot production from premier growing areas around Washington State.


There’s nothing better to chillax than yummy pancakes and waffles from Kickerfeast, the perfect starter kit to begin your colorful journey. This mix offers a healthier, delicious alternative to plain pancakes. Made with simple, wholesome ingredients, Kickerfeast gives natural color and uncompromising flavor.

Anarchist Wine Co. Wine

Anarchist Wine Co. is a nod to those with the foresight to observe the situation, the mindfulness to ask the question, the courage to take action and forge the outcome. Throughout history, there have been individuals following this formula. These are the Anarchists the company honors and their wines walk a similar path, blending varietals not usually made together in the traditional wine landscape.

Best Products For the Dog Lover

Best products for 2021: Dog items

Dogs bring so much love and happiness into our lives, so return the favor with these can’t-miss products for your favorite pooch.

Charlee Bear Grain-Free Meaty Bites

Charlee Bear’s Grain-Free Meaty Bites are raw, freeze-dried meat treats are comprised of only two wholesome ingredients: a protein and a fruit or vegetable, plus added probiotics! Made in the USA by a family-owned company, these natural treats do not contain any soy, grains, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Available in six mouthwatering flavors, including festive Chicken & Cranberries and Beef Liver & Sweet Potatoes.

Hound & Gatos Natural Food For Pets

Hound & Gatos wet food for dogs and cats have limited ingredients but unlimited taste. They feature 98+% protein from real animal sources for a complete and balanced meal to meet the nutritional needs of all ages and breeds. Made in the USA by a family-owned company, they’re offered in flavors like Duck & Liver, Gamebird Poultry, and Turkey & Liver so you can give your pet the feast they deserve.


There are moments when your pet can experience anxiety, discomfort, and additional issues. Treatibles offers the “pawfect” solution with their organic, full-spectrum topical cream with naturally occurring CBD. Gently smooth it on a pet’s nose, paws or ears and watch them become cool, calm and collected! It’s also perfect for road trips.

My Dog Collage

If you love your dog and love to enjoy incredible art, My Dog Collage is what you have been searching for. San Francisco collage artist Samuel Price creates unique dog portraits using the photographs that you provide of your animal or pet.

Each original artwork contains hundreds of hand-cut recycled magazine squares put together like a complex puzzle on canvas. What is truly unique about his work is his incredible process of turning your personal photograph into a timeless work of art for your home.

Rocco & Roxie Pet Care

Rocco & Roxie make a variety of spectacular pet products for your beloved doggies. (Their tasty jerky sticks are very popular with our little woofsters!) We love their oatmeal shampoo called Soothe and their professional strength stain and odor eliminator cleaning products for the occasional mess your pups make! Most importantly, the company makes dog tags which is extremely important for any pup.

Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If you have pets, you will for sure appreciate Yeedi’s k650 Robot Vacuum, a2000Pa Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with XXL-Size 800ml Dustbin and 130-min runtime that’s compatible with Alexa. This product is ideal for pet hair, carpets, hard floors and is self-charging. Woof!

Best Friends by Sheri

Best Friends by Sheri was created with the mindset that the happiness you receive from your pets should be given back to them in return. This is what best friends do, and you can be sure that The Original Calming Donut Dog and Cat Bed will give your bestie what will make them wag, purr and grin from ear to floppy ear.

The product is made of AirLOFT Fiber Filling, which supports greater loft and resilience, lasting three times longer than any competitor. The materials used to create this product are virgin and raw, ensuring that there are no toxins or leftover residue. The bed has a beautiful design with a variety of natural colors, is water and dirt resistant, and easily washable. Most importantly, The Original Calming Donut Dog and Cat Bed keeps your pet happy, as it mimics the comfort of a mother’s coat with its vegan faux fur finish, promoting better sleep and behavior.

For the Playful Child

Whether you have children, kids in the family, or are just a kid at heart, these are among the best products for 2021 that will add some fun and excitement year-round.

Wild Dough

Making its way from Australia, Wild Dough is introducing the fun and imagination associated with playdough to the states with a handmade delight that’s perfect for sensory quarantine activities and stress relief. Created by a mom, it’s super soft, deliciously scented, and available in a variety of vibrant colors that appeal to both young and old alike. Choose from classic colors, neon, and even glitter! The recipe is made with no nasties, longer-lasting, and doesn’t dry out like the store-bought varieties.

At-Home Baking Kits

Unicorn at-home baking kit

Like so many other small businesses during COVID-19, The Cookie Cups, a bakery created by Nicole Pomije, had to adapt to new protocols, offer delivery services and close their doors to the public for a period of time until it was safe to open. When her husband shared a link to a virtual cooking class, that’s when a lightbulb went off. Introducing The Cookie Cup’s first-ever at-home experience!

The Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit is a true fairytale. Experience the magic that can happen in your home kitchen when your entire family bakes together this season. You can now purchase The Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit in the US and can shop nationwide. They also offer a Pizza Making Kit.

For The Dreamer

As John Lennon famously sang, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Add some dreamy

Bali Box

Bali Box is a vacation in a box with beautiful, meaningful, artisanal products curated to help you experience the wonder and magic of Bali, while helping local artisans. The area’s economy has been decimated by lack of tourism during the pandemic, so purchasing this box would be extremely valued.

Bali Box contains these handmade gifts:

  • Lovely gold gilded hanging coconut lamp
  • Sophisticated and elegant adjustable bracelet made of Japanese glass beads
  • Festive tasseled tin-silver lotus ornament
  • Limited edition Bali vacation-themed art print
  • Charming traditional hammered tin-silver box with tassel
  • Chic backpack with Balinese Barong stencil graphic
  • A beautifully painted bamboo offering box
  • Mystery “surprise” item (could be houseware, accessory, local food, personal care product)
  • Colorful “travel guide” describing each object and its story, and significance to Bali in more detail

Bali Box retails for $99.95 including free shipping to the US.

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