“American Idol” Finalist Olivia Rox Gives Us Mariah Carey Vocal Vibes

The emerging pop star is making music even through the most challenging times.

Olivia Rox Shooting Star

Up-and-coming pop superstar Olivia Rox is giving us Mariah Carey vocals on her third Spotify single “Shooting Star” off her debut album “Poprox.”  Rox’s vocals shine, and she has never sounded so fresh and balanced.

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“Shooting Star” is charting at #53 on the Top 40 radio charts. Olivia Rox’s “Poprox” era has already spawned two critically acclaimed pop singles.  The first two singles — “It Girl” and “Galileo” were received with praise and accolades from her many fans and music critics alike. In fact, Rox just released a remix to “It Girl”, which you can listen to here

The daughter of saxophonist Warren Hill and singer-turned-producer Tamara Van Cleef, Colorado native Olivia Rox started her career at a young age, joining her famous saxophonist father onstage to sing “Someday My Prince Will Come” as a toddler.

She wrote her first song at age four and had composed hundreds of songs by her late teens. During this time, she starred in the kids’ film “Olivia Rox” (and provided its soundtrack at age nine), had lead roles in musical theater — including starring in 75 shows as “Annie” — was a finalist on “American Idol,” and appeared singing Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” on TV’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Following an alliance with Warner Bros. Records, she started shooting her own Roxumentary web series, and has since signed with Songbird Records, already releasing two full-length albums. With three singles topping the pop radio charts.

Olivia Rox planned on embarking on a Poprox tour, which was ultimately cut short because of the pandemic. She sends thoughts and prayers to her fans.

While knowing she was not the only one going through hard times, Rox decided to deliver a beautiful acoustic album as a treat to her fans, titled “Just a Girl & Her Guitar.” The album showcases a different side of Olivia — one that is stripped away from pop and focuses primarily on her songwriting, her voice, and her extraordinary guitar skills.

For more details, check out Olivia Rox’s Shooting Star single.


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PopRox Album


It Girl

Just A Girl & Her Guitar (Acoustic Guitar)

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